Canaletto is back

Canaletto is back!

Cordenons beautiful Canaletto papers are once again available in Australia.
After many months our first shipment has finally arrived from the Cordenons
mill in Italy.
Cordenons Canaletto is an acid free watercolour and drawing paper. The high
quality composition of this paper (20% cotton & 80% of ECF wood-free primary
pulp with gelatin sizing) creates a strong paper with good archival
characteristics (neutral pH).
Cordenons Canaletto has a geniune “Felt Marked” surface which is sympathetic
to a wide range of media. Cordenons Canaletto is a high quality multimedia
paper suitable for watercolour, gouache, pastels, inks, acrylics, charcoal, collage
and a variety of printmaking techniques.

available in:
Canaletto Bianco 300gsm 700x1000mm (smooth)
50 sht pkt: edunet S.CCB30070100 $270.95 + GST each

Granagrossa Canaletto 300gsm 700x1000mm (rough)
50 sht pkt: edunet S.CCG30070100 $270.95 + GST each

all deliveries subject to usual freight charges

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